The retail pharmacy landscape has significantly changed in the past few years and many are quick to note that it’s not exactly a “change for the better”. That’s why Coachella Valley Pharmacy, Inc. strives to bring back the good old days when your friendly neighborhood pharmacist was, well, friendly. We aspire to reduce hospitalizations and other unnecessary healthcare expenses brought about by non-compliance and non-adherence to medication therapies. We want to help you achieve optimal health with the best medicine in the right dose, preparation, combination, and price.

We work hand in hand with your primary healthcare providers and utilize top-of-the-line pharmacy management systems for your utmost wellness and security. Coachella Valley Pharmacy also participates in recognized healthcare programs (e.g. hypertension screening), offers patient-oriented services (e.g. patient counseling, patient medication profiles), and provides health-related services (e.g. delivery services) for your convenience and health. Unlike the others where personalized services aren’t the main concern, Coachella Valley Pharmacy has you on the top and center of all priorities with its patient-centric and cost-effective services.

Coachella Valley Pharmacy
Peachy Lua

Peachy has over ten years of experience in providing top-notch pharmacy services in Coachella Valley. She has outstanding interpersonal skills with a track record of establishing positive relationships with customers, medical professionals, and the local community. She is dedicated to providing quality patient care.